Medical Billing Franchise Opportunity

HCPP is more than just a Medical Billing Franchise Opportunity.  We are a Medical Practice Management Franchise that specialized in the Medical Reimbursment Cycle.

If you are considering owning your own business, what better way to start than purchasing a franchise to boost your business credentials and get your career off to a flying start.  Everyone has to begin somewhere, and a proven business model with a franchise network of mentors to help you succeed is an optimum choice.  There are many advantages and benefits to opening a franchise that exceed the benefits of starting a business from scratch.  Sure, you can purchase a software system that comes with hours of training and system support.  However, in order to compete for clients in today’s health care environment (with its ever-changing rules, regulations and reform) you have to offer much more than a billing service.  So, if you are proficient in the entire medical reimbursement cycle (along with many other practice management techniques) then starting from scratch may be for you.  If you would like to enter the medical practice management industry with all the tools needed for a successful business with a competitive edge, then click the top-right button to enter our Franchise Website and learn more about the Health Care Practice Partners (HCPP) Franchise Network.  

If you already own your own medical billing business and are looking to either expand your services to include practice management and/or modernize your system, HCPP offers a great way for you to convert your existing business to a HCPP Franchise.  You can seamlessly transform your business to a process driven operation with state-of-the-art online technology that your current clients will marvel at!!  Converting to a HCPP franchise also gives you the brand recognition, support and marketing tools your business may be lacking.  Just click the top-right button to enter our Franchise Website and see if converting your existing business to a HCPP franchise is the right move for you.